This game is the simulation of the nostalgic game that we all played at school. Finger based soccer with 3 crumpled papers as balls and two goals. Two players can play in local multiplayer and also you can play a single player survival version with high scores which you are free to play as much as you want and then submit your score.

You should put your index finger either on the ball and shoot toward the direction you want or you should put it behind the ball and shoot toward the ball. The shot’s power is dependent of the time that your finger is on the screen. In each shot, you cannot shoot the ball which you've shot in the last turn, you should move the ball from a point between the other two and you can shoot as long as your ball don't go outside, don't collide with another ball or don't go to the goal. When any of these happen, it's your opponent's turn to start playing from middle of the ground. In single player, the only difference is that instead of having another person as opponent, when you foul/out you're score will decrease. Some challenges for shooting from specific places will come up as well which reward additional scores.